Warner Bros. Rumored to Start Releasing 3-4 DCEU Movies Each Year

The phenomenal success of Wonder Woman has surely come as a comfort to Warner Bros. after the very mixed results of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad. The DC Extended Universe is still very much in its infancy, so there’s no telling what effect this newfound success will have in the years to come. And according to a new rumor, it appears Warner Bros. is already shooting for the stars.

That news may come as a shock to some since the studio has been hurt by rushing productions in the hopes of paralleling Marvel’s output. Warner Bros. hired Joss Whedon (The Avengers) to handle the remaining post-production work (including some potential reshoots) on Justice League after Zack Snyder recently departed to deal with a family tragedy. The Flash has already suffered from two directors stepping down due to creative differences, which is worrying since the movie is reportedly set to hit in early 2018. The Batman is also dealing with directors coming and going, script rewrites, and rumors of star Ben Affleck’s growing disinterest in playing the character. But even with all that said, that doesn’t mean the DCEU can’t thrive.

According Umberto Gonzalez of Heroic Hollywood and The Wrap (per Comic Book), Warner Bros. is rumored to be looking at releasing 3-4 DCEU movies each year. Until now, the studio has only slated two installments a year at most. But Gonzalez seems to think otherwise. While speaking on the Heroic Insider video podcast, Gonzalez stated that “I know for a fact that DC is trying to get three to four movies made a year going forward.”

Now it’s hard to say at this point when (or if) that will happen. There have been rumors galore about potential sequels to Suicide Squad, Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, amongst others. Warner Bros. also has David Ayer’s Gotham City Sirens coming up, as well as James Wan’s Aquaman. So they definitely have their hands full at the moment. It remains to be seen if Warner Bros. can make all of these various disparate projects come together into some cohesive and, most of all, successful.

Source: Comic Book

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