Power Rangers Director Claims PG-13 Rating Hurt Film’s Success

Getting a franchise off the ground in today’s movie market is always a tough task. With the massive increase in “cinematic universes” like Marvel, Universal’s Dark Universe, Paramount’s Transformers films, amongst many others, there’s a very likely chance some lesser-known franchises will fall through the cracks. At least, that’s what happened to Dean Israelite’s disappointing Power Rangers reboot back in March.

Most blockbusters nowadays – particularly remakes and reboots – often lean towards a more serious, adult-oriented version of their source material. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, you can risk limiting your audience by doing that. So if you take a campy, lighthearted television show like Power Rangers and turn it into a movie that may scare kids more than entertain them, you may have a problem. The Power Rangers‘ darker tone meant it received also sported a PG-13 rating – not the broader PG rating that Israelite wanted. Speaking to Screen Rant, the director explained how the higher rating definitely hurt his film at the box office.

“Yes, definitely. Definitely. And not only do I think it, but there’s been market studies on it, and the findings have been that if the movie were rated PG- I don’t want to go into the specific numbers- but if the movie had been rated PG, there would have been more traffic. I think parents were unsure if they could bring their kids to the movie, which surprised me, because the movie is a tame PG-13.”

The director went on to explain how he feels Power Rangers‘ darker style isn’t necessarily a bad thing for kids, as well as how he hopes the film will see the light of day now that its hit the home media front.


“We did a lot of preview screenings, and to me, it felt like a seven-year-old might be scared, but in a good way. They liked that they were scared of Rita, but they still came out of the movie enjoying it, they liked what was going on. I think we really tread that line well, so it was disappointing that parents didn’t know that they could take their kids to it. I’m hoping now, with it coming out on DVD and Blu-ray, and On Demand, that parents will feel more comfortable. That maybe they’ll check it out for themselves and then see that it’s suitable.”

It is too bad Power Rangers did so poorly (grossing only $140 million against a $100 million production budget), but its serious tone does make the case for studios eschewing the adult-oriented blockbusters and embracing the campiness of what made the original source material so cherished. There’s obviously skepticism if there will be a sequel to Power Rangers, but more than likely we won’t be seeing it any time soon.

Power Rangers is currently out on Digital HD, and will be released on 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD June 27th, 2017.

Source: Screen Rant


Review: Transformers: The Last Knight

No matter what anyone tells you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a dumb summer blockbuster. Nothing at all. There is, however, something wrong with trying to defend movies that reach a new level of stupidity and laziness that I didn’t even know existed. And Michael Bay’s Transformers: The Last Knight easily falls into that category.

This film not only marks the fifth entry in the Hasbro franchise, but also Bay’s (supposedly) final time being its overseer. The fourth installment, Age of Extinction, seemed as though Bay would be done after that 165-minute abomination. Sadly, he and Paramount decided to continue on with the same exact formula. As with any franchise, I hoped that Bay would try to reinvent what audiences could expect from a Transformers movie. But instead, Bay made The Last Knight just as bloated, boring and mindless as every entry before it.

What initially intrigued me about The Last Knight – being a huge fan of history – was the Medieval settings teased in the trailers. I, like most, could definitely get into giant robots attacking mighty castles or battling it out on the fields of England. And for a few short minutes, that’s exactly what we get. It’s just that as soon as Bay’s terrible sense of humor, unbalanced tone, and carefree nature concerning anything but creating a “spectacle” kick in, it’s game over for the audience.


The Last Knight quickly transitions back to modern day (that’s not without adding a cringeworthy cameo by Stanley Tucci), and we meet back up with Mr. Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg). The aspiring inventor helps save a group of kids who are running from some type of poorly thought-out Homeland Security robot. He teams up with a few annoying, uninteresting characters as they try to (yet again) save the world. We travel across England, learning about the Transformers’ history — as told by Sir Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins). All of it makes zero sense at face value, and even less when you try to think about it. Bay feels the need to throw a thousand ideas and plot points at once towards the audience, rather than letting a few specific ones sink in. So all that we’re left with is a mindbogglingly incoherent mess.

Considering Bay is five Transformers films in now, it doesn’t surprise me that he’s pretty much just treading water at this point. What does confuse me is that he seems to care deeply for the work he’s doing. He is an auteur director, for better or worse, and yet so many of his films still feel so empty. I would put The Last Knight at the top of that list — particularly since he assembled this 149-minute slog with such lazy, asinine direction. And his editing of story, character and theme (if any) are as equally weak. That dumbfounds me. Well, kind of. While Bay surely has some attachment to the iconic Hasbro franchise, he clearly enjoys getting to play with $200+ million much more.


What’s most upsetting to me about this latest entry (and don’t worry, there will be at least one a year for the foreseeable future) is that I went in really wanting to like it. I knew most critics would bash it, but I didn’t want to be one of those people. There are moments in the third and fourth installments that showcase Bay’s unique sense of cinematic action and spectacle; I even think the first film is an overall enjoyable blockbuster. I just wonder if halfway through production on The Last Knight, Bay suddenly wished he could be someplace else, doing something completely different. I think it’s fair to say that since I was thinking the exact same thing.

Rating: 1/4

Warner Bros. Rumored to Start Releasing 3-4 DCEU Movies Each Year

The phenomenal success of Wonder Woman has surely come as a comfort to Warner Bros. after the very mixed results of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Suicide Squad. The DC Extended Universe is still very much in its infancy, so there’s no telling what effect this newfound success will have in the years to come. And according to a new rumor, it appears Warner Bros. is already shooting for the stars.

That news may come as a shock to some since the studio has been hurt by rushing productions in the hopes of paralleling Marvel’s output. Warner Bros. hired Joss Whedon (The Avengers) to handle the remaining post-production work (including some potential reshoots) on Justice League after Zack Snyder recently departed to deal with a family tragedy. The Flash has already suffered from two directors stepping down due to creative differences, which is worrying since the movie is reportedly set to hit in early 2018. The Batman is also dealing with directors coming and going, script rewrites, and rumors of star Ben Affleck’s growing disinterest in playing the character. But even with all that said, that doesn’t mean the DCEU can’t thrive.

According Umberto Gonzalez of Heroic Hollywood and The Wrap (per Comic Book), Warner Bros. is rumored to be looking at releasing 3-4 DCEU movies each year. Until now, the studio has only slated two installments a year at most. But Gonzalez seems to think otherwise. While speaking on the Heroic Insider video podcast, Gonzalez stated that “I know for a fact that DC is trying to get three to four movies made a year going forward.”

Now it’s hard to say at this point when (or if) that will happen. There have been rumors galore about potential sequels to Suicide Squad, Man of Steel, Wonder Woman, amongst others. Warner Bros. also has David Ayer’s Gotham City Sirens coming up, as well as James Wan’s Aquaman. So they definitely have their hands full at the moment. It remains to be seen if Warner Bros. can make all of these various disparate projects come together into some cohesive and, most of all, successful.

Source: Comic Book

Episode 2: Transformers: The Last Knight and Retro Review – Pacific Rim

To all those who have already downloaded Episode 001: Cars 3 and Rough Night, thank you so much for your support!  But there’s no time to waste.  Looking forward, we hope to bring you an entertaining and informative each and every week.

We will be recording our second podcast episode the afternoon of Tuesday, June 27th. The movies being covered will be Michael Bay’s Transformers: The Last Knight and Guillermo Del Toro’s 2013 robot v monster epic, Pacific Rim.  Obviously the latter film is not a new release, but it will be the first of (hopefully) many “retro reviews,” which will be an older release that has some connection to the former.  We hope that introducing this new segment into the show will be an enjoyable and always unpredictable experience for the listeners.

And that’s not all!  Episode 002 will also feature a number of interesting news topics and discussion questions after the main reviews.  We had a lot of fun doing it in the first show, so this will more than likely become a permanent segment.

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Episode 1: Cars 3 and Rough Night

The very first episode of The Film Buds podcast records Monday night, June 19th, 2017. Just in case you’re wanting to get a head start and know what we will be discussing along with the two movies listed above, here’s a brief schedule for the show! We hope you enjoy it!

Intro: Myself (Henry), Will and Paige will introduce ourselves, then discuss ambitions and ideas for the podcast. Don’t worry, it won’t take too long.

Review: Cars 3

Review: Rough Night

Recap: Discuss our favorite and least favorite movies of 2017 so far.

Discussion: Throw around a few fun discussion topics from friends. Sorry, it’s the first show, we don’t have too many fans yet. We will, though.

Other films and television: Talk about other things we’ve watched, the good and the bad.

Outro: Figure out which movie(s) we will review next, as well as any other in-house topics.

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Welcome to The Film Buds Podcast!

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